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Cmok Krakowski from MaNdragora on Vimeo.

A kiss on a cut, sore spot is the oldest medicine in the world. It relieves pain and is the first instinct to heal the wound. The city also has its wounds, places that suffer.

Do you know Krakow’s hot spots? Or maybe you have never looked at them closely? Let us find together the most wounded places in Krakow, where social problems are bursting, valuable monuments are deteriorating, commercial “tumors” are growing, parasitizing the urban organism. Let us kiss these places, let us show the city tenderness and interest in a healthy urban existence. The city’s tissue is made up of its inhabitants, so let’s show that we also have a voice. Let this be the first step to healing the wounds that hurt Krakow and us.

Instruction leaflet design
Picnic in shades of red (Park Krakowski, 6.06.2014)

What it is?

  1. An artistic and social project diagnosing the city’s problems
  2. An attempt to create a map of “hot spots”
  3. Stimulating public discussion with the participation of Krakow’s urban movements

Aims of the project:

  • Explore unvisited, forgotten places in Krakow
  • Pay attention to the city’s problems and urban aesthetics
  • Make a diagnosis: reveal and publicize city problems
  • Feel that you have a real impact on space changes
  • Have fun!

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