For many years I have been conducting various educational and popularization activities, mainly in the field of art education and art history.

If you are looking for help in learning to study art history baccalaureate or conducting classes for the group once or periodically, please email me:

In my account I have:

  • lectures on contemporary art for seniors from the Academy of FullNess of Life in Krakow (2012)
  • a series of lectures promoting contemporary art "What is art looking for?" at the Chronicle Gallery in Bytom (2014)
  • academic classes: exercises in the interpretation of artistic work for first-degree students and introduction to visual culture studies for master students of the Jagiellonian University (2015-2018)
  • individual tutoring in the history of art and Polish language at the high school level (since 2013)
  • baccalaureate in art history for youth groups and preparation for interviews at entrance exams for art universities (2021)
lecture from the series "What is art looking for?" (pic. Chronicle Gallery)

And also as part of practical classes:

  • creative and technological workshops for active women under the motto D.I.Y. Act!
  • programming basics classes for children in grades 1 to 3 of primary schools
  • workshops on computer graphics and tablet support for students in grades 4 to 6 of primary and lower secondary schools
  • educational and art workshops for children from grades 1 to 3 of the primary school
"Adventure with art – Impressionists" (Photo. Arteteka WBP in Krakow)
DIY Classes Act! (Photo: Julia Julia Arteteka WBP in Krakow)