Current scientific project – digital humanities

As a doctoral student and participant in the “Digital Humanities” program implemented by the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Techniques, I conduct individual innovative research on the usefulness of art and art exhibitions.

I am interested in the special role of contemporary art as a tool for building communities and cultural institutions as platforms for dialogue between artists and audiences. In my research work I combine cultural studies and UX design methodologies.

As a result of my doctoral project, I want to develop a new methodology that allows for multifaceted examination of contemporary art exhibitions and support of the design process.

You can read more about the progress of the project in the entries in the category doctoral project.

Scientific achievements

Selected publications [in Polish]:

  • Cities with a pink triangle. A few remarks about the monuments of homosexual victims of Nazi repression, in The Identification of the Holocaust. Historical sketches and cultural practices, ed. M. Gromala, S. Papier, M. Świetlik, Kraków 2017.
  • Three arguments for the effectiveness of the image on the example of Joanna Rajkowska’s project “Born in Berlin” (2012), in: About the image and space, ed. K. Wojtczak, Publishing House, University of Gdańsk, Gdansk 2017.
  • [translation from German to Polish] Arnold Bartezky, Reconstruction as an act of national self-affirmation, “Self-portrait” MAINTENANCE /RECONSTRUCTION, No. [53]2 , Krakow 2016. 
  • What Misses Mieke Bal. Installation Nothing is Missing, Nieborów 1-5 July 2014, in: Affective stories and politics of memory, edited by Elżbieta Wichrowska, Anna Szczepan-Wojnaarska, Romy Sendyki, Ryszard Nycza, IBL, Warsaw 2015.

Selected conference speeches [ENG/PL] :

  • Mark Plaszow as an example of art-based research in the field of Holocaust memory [ENG] – International Conference Genocide Memorialisation: Political Imaginaries and Public Materialisations – University of Gothenburg, Sweden (30.11-1.12.2017)
  • Homeless people in Polish art after social re-election [PL]- National conference Traps of the language of representation in art and institutions – Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw (12-13.06.2017)
  • Cities with a pink triangle, that is, a niche of memory. How to commemorate the Holocaust? – National Conference Identification of The Holocaust – Jagiellonian University (1-2.12.2016)
  • Where is the camp? Art-based intervention and research on the site of the former concentration camp in Kraków-Płaszów [ENG] – International Conference of Jewish Cultural Heritage. Projects, Methods, Inspirations. – Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews (8-10.06.2016) 
  • Agoraphilia unconsumed. Art in public space in the 1980s. and 90. and the phenomena of the last decade [PL] – National Conference Transformations in Polish Art after 1989 – Galeria Labirynt in Lublin (12-13.12.2014)
  • Body in body with the city. The interaction between visuality and physicality in the context of visual culture studies on the example of joanna Rajkowska Born in Berlin (2012) [PL] 2nd National Congress of Students and Doctoral Students in Art History – University of Gdańsk (6-9.11.2014) 
  • Girls just want to have fun? About the girls’ fun of Polish artists after 2000. [PL] – National academic conference “Girls: riot grrrls, cwaniary, triksterki, rogues” – Zachęta National Gallery of Art and University of Warsaw (08.06.2013)
  • Files of the Polish Shoe Company “BATA” from the State Archive in Katowice – research report. [PL] – International scientific conference “BATAlia in Chełmek” – Institute of Art History of the UJ, Municipal Centre for Culture and Sport in Chełmek (8.10.2011)